Sunday, 18 December 2011

Christmas Rush!!!

Some of our Christmas deco's. We have crates full of deco's...I think I have a problem;)

A close-up of the gift Kate ( Show and Tell ) made for me last has pride of place as you walk in the front door. Isn't it pretty? I love the rusty bells!!

This was the day we put up our tree..HMB and my nephew, RMW had a ball decorating. RMW kept blinking his eyes when he described the star on top of the tree..CUTE!!!!! This Christmas we will have all the neices and nephews together...can't wait!! Now all I have to do is finish off their presents....One down four to go..or is that five? lol. Hope everyone else is having a happy lead up to Christmas, it's such a busy time....Will post some of my hand made gifts after Christmas, hope to see some others!! Wishing everyone a very happy and safe Christmas. xo Suze.


Kate-Show and Tell said...

Hello my love.....Doesn't sound like you in a frantic Christmas always seem to get all your things made just in the nick of time.....Have fun with it...xo

Jodie @ Jellywares said...

Your home looks gorgeous Suze!!! I love what Kate made you - it's stunning...

RMW and HMB look super cute too..

Jodie :)