Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Handmade gifts

Thought I should do a quick post to show off the last of the handmade birthday gifts. The lovely Jodie from Jellywares had a birthday the week before mine so after learning to make"hexies" after my trip to Orange I made this....a new "loaded" pin cushion! It was fun to make and I think she loved it ;)

This is the gift Jodie gave to me... A beautiful persimmon scented candle ( isn't it groovy!! ) and this sweet little wrist bag...just love the fabric!!! THANKYOU Jodie xo

And this little cutie is my niece, Xanthe, 5 months old. Awww makes me all clucky;)

Cheers to all have an awesome weekend!! Suze xo

Friday, 19 October 2012

Happy birthdays

In the last school holidays HMB, EJB and I finally got to visit my bestie Kate and her beautiful kids in Orange. Long overdue, it was soooo good to see them:) It involved dinner at Hogs Breath Cafe and a little celebration for HMB recently turning 18, do you know they bring you cake and sing happy birthday??? Imagine my horror ;) when they plonked a plate down in front of me too!!!! The "beautiful" Kate had also let them know that my birthday was the following week....anyway it was a lovely evening with good company...desserts AND cocktails!! Below is a pic of H, E and Molly, with the rocky road ice cream- it was huge!!!....but we ate it...,

I was lucky enough to join in with Kates' sewing group for a retreat day. It was heaven...sewing all interuptions- except for lunch, afternoon tea and we even had dinner there;) They are a wonderful group of ladies..Kate is so lucky to call them her friends. While we were there Kate surprised me with an early birthday gift...I am so lucky to have such a talented and generous friend!! I LOVE IT!!!

I will set it up in my sewing room, but the light was better on the dining table for picture sewing room also looks like a bomb has gone off....need to spark it back up so it matches my cute new sewing caddy. What a great gift!!!

Have a great weekend!! xo Suze.

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Getting there...

I changed the chocolates block to Autumn, not so into choccies, but wanted to keep similar colours, so Autumn it was- my favourite season...
Below is my home cute...please excuse the creases on my blocks...they have been travelling with me, I feel a bit creased up too!!!

I have used mainly Nancy Halvorsen fabrics on my blocks. I added "paper daisies" on the daisy block...when we were little we used to go hunting for them!! They make me all nostalgic when I see them around now...they make me smile and think of my Aunty Chris. xo

I do love a good cuppa...and a chat on the phone to Kate;)

...and just because they were so pretty....these were smiling at me when I was hanging out the washing..
Have a great weekend...Suze.

Monday, 1 October 2012

Tick...a few more done

Hi all thought I'd show you two more finished blocks. Great to see some finished tops and quilts...hopefully will be me soon!! Will have quite a few more tomorrow as I like to take pics in daylight. Cheers Suze.