Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Cracking on!!

Hi all just checking in with some of my blocks for SKoW that whips hurrying me along:)

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Spring is in the is the dust!

This is the "main street" of my home town, Cobar yeterday around lunch time...what a horrible day!! The dust was terrible, I was at work  ( Cobar Quilt Shop ) and my washing was on the is now back on the line after being re-washed today :) It is supposed to be windy again tomorrow...poor school teachers...they say kids are feral on windy days...I know it's not good for my hair-style ;)

On a brighter note...Spring has certainly arrived. The blossom on our fruit trees and various others around the house is sooo pretty. The leaves have started to sprout on the Manchurian pretty. The bees are buzzing around happily. EJB suffers with hayfever onto the Zyrtec for him, it sometimes gets so bad that he thinks he should have to come home from school...nice try E.

Thought I would throw in a pic of Bear...he is covered in dust...after laying out the front in the RED dirt..why do dogs do that?? There is a perfectly nice lawn there! I put a spare dog bed that we own out there, so guess where he is now...yep, on the dirt. I give up Bear-boy.

Have been soing some stitching on my thought I'd show my first finished block. I have quite a few others to show, will do over the next few days. I changed the book block to something more me, can't see me reading P & P, so Roses it is....

Cheers!! Have a lovely day, wherever you are. Suze.