Monday, 28 November 2011

We have lift off! SKoW away...

After much debate, I have narrowed my fabric choice down to these:
I am lucky enough to work at Cobar Quilt Shop a couple of days a week. We have these Nancy Holvorsen fabrics, "Forever Spring" - my family gave me these for my birthday this year;). Perfect for the Some Kind of Wonderful quilt! I also have selected these from my "stash" and purchased a few new ones for the beige tones-background fabrics... I go! With maybe a few changes here and there as I find new fabrics... I am sick of reading about needle turn techniques, I think I have read every internet entry on the subject! Just going to wing it, maybe try a couple of different ones and see what I like best. I plan on changing a couple of the blocks a bit...making them a bit more relevent to me...Question: is changing the "old blue jeans" to "comfy trackie daks" daggy? lol...Please tell me what you think. I am on the SAL side bar Suze ( adopted by Kate ). Thankyou Kate for adopting me.. and Chookyblue for letting her!!!

And finally a pretty rose from the garden. It's a Delbard Rose named "Grimaldi" and is beautiful, handles our heat and is great in a vase. Have a great day! Suze.

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Miss HMB

This is for Kate and Miss Molly...and anyone who wants to see my beautiful girl;) You see, technology and I don't get on to well. It seems that I have turned into my Mother. I used to get so frustrated when we asked Mum to record on the 'video' and it was like we were talking in another language...I am learning that language! HMB recently made her debut, okay- September. I have finally learnt how to transfer the photos from the camera to the blog. Miracle. So here goes, better late than never!
At home before the ball.

Isn't she beautiful? ;)
The ball had an Egyptian theme, the stage and hall was decorated to look like we were in an desert tent...they did a wonderful job. The tables were decorated with candles and lanterns, really cosy.
With Mummah. xo Love you HMB, you were a stunning debutante.

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

A Pressie

I recently had a "special" birthday..and got this from my lovely friend, Jodie, who owns the extra wonderful shop, Jellywares. I adore hand made gifts, and this brooch is me, me, me!

I love it! Thankyou Jodie....for the yummy chocolate birthday cake that went with it, too;)

Have'nt been doing much on the crafty side of things...but our garden is going crazy...have you ever grown cabbages before? Check out these babies-
How much coleslaw should these give me?

The roses are beautiful at the moment, too. Hopefully they'll stay happy before it gets too hot..a bit like me! This is "Jude the Obscure" and it's one of my favourites, for sentimental reasons. This is for Case- 2 years today. xo.