Wednesday, 26 October 2011


Today is a special day...Butterflies For Babies Day. Our family has its own "little angel" and we are happy that we can remember her by taking part in fund raising for this wonderful organisation.

HMB sold badges at school and with donations, we are going to be able to sponsor two "Ruby" bears- these go to a bereaved family, a small way to show that we care...makes you feel good to do some thing "positive."

"In my garden, my neice Quinns' Rose" ..Angel Face.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

I'm Back!!

Hi all..thankyou to those who left comments after coming to say hello..thankyou Kate for sending everyone over- what a nice surprise;) Well, my "big" weekend was me turning 40...what a weekend!!! for all the wrong reasons. Two days before my b'day I started to feel ill and by that night I felt like I had been runover by a herd of elephants....twice. They kept running over me for the next week. Hello 40. Felt like I was 90. Any-who now feeling heaps better, thanks to my wonderful family and friends who looked after me..and themselves...SLB you're a great house-wife;)

On a brighter note...our garden is blooming beautiful atm. Had the day with my 3 yo nephew, RMW today pottering around, it's so nice being around "little ones" he cracks me up! We took some photos of our Iris' they are so hardy...and need to be to survive at my place;) Have a great day. Suze.

Thursday, 6 October 2011


First I am!  Still trying to work this out, so bear with me. Technology and I aren't the best of friends. My best friend Kate ( Kate's Show and Tell ) has helped me get this far...she will probebly fall off her chair when she finds this! Thanks Kate xo. I started this up to keep in touch with Kate mainly, and if anyone else finds it a bit interesting, that's great;)  The goal is also for me to start back sewing again..have been a bit slack this maybe this will help me get my "groove" back ;) Have a big weekend coming up, so hopefully I will be back with some piccies next week. Have a great weekend- Suze.