Monday, 11 August 2014

Hey there...

Hi!! I have returned from a bit of a lul...have been getting back to it....slowly:)  Hope everyone out there in Blogland is well and happy....all good here at our is a little bit of what I've been doing...

Made these hexies to add to a quilt for a very special lady in Broken Hill, she loves "brights".

This is the first block from a quilt that I've started a quilting class at CQS. Its called 'round and round' by Thimbleblossom. I'm using a lighter weight denim for the background, loving it ;)
This is a 'jelly roll quilt' that I made for my niece Xanthes' 2nd birthday. It was a fun and fast quilt to make and I backed it in flannel so it's nice and snuggly.
We have been enjoying the beautiful days here in the garden...have been pruning fruit trees and planting some veges in large pots. Hope to soften the cement-like dirt that's out in the orchard so that we can have more few fresh veges....bring on the rain this week!! We, like so many others have had little or no rain for many weeks, lucky for us we get town water out here. Thinking of so many family and friends that don't have that we need to start rain dancing!! 
Nice to be back...have a great day..xo Suze.