Wednesday, 2 November 2011

A Pressie

I recently had a "special" birthday..and got this from my lovely friend, Jodie, who owns the extra wonderful shop, Jellywares. I adore hand made gifts, and this brooch is me, me, me!

I love it! Thankyou Jodie....for the yummy chocolate birthday cake that went with it, too;)

Have'nt been doing much on the crafty side of things...but our garden is going crazy...have you ever grown cabbages before? Check out these babies-
How much coleslaw should these give me?

The roses are beautiful at the moment, too. Hopefully they'll stay happy before it gets too hot..a bit like me! This is "Jude the Obscure" and it's one of my favourites, for sentimental reasons. This is for Case- 2 years today. xo.


Maree: said...

Gorgeous Gift..

lisa said...

the brooch is just GORGEOUS!!
the rose so pretty.

Anonymous said...

Hi Suze, i'm looking back through your blog of all I've missed.
I've been out to Jodie's shop and met her at our first Nundle Girls Day in the Country. She's a lovely girl :)