Thursday, 22 January 2015

Girl Kringle 2014

My family has a Christmas tradition.....we call it "Girl Kringle". Each year we each have to make and exchange one gift ( my Mum, three sisters and my daughter ) is one of my favourite parts of Christmas Day. We have been doing this for around ten years....its beautiful. For 2014 I had my youngest sister, Shell....we start planning early in the year, Pinterest boards are very! I decided to do a colour wash of 1" hexies ( these are from Hugs and Kisses, THANKYOU Helen for including me in your blog post :)  ) they are made of iron on "interfacing-like" paper that washes out later...that's right...they don't have to be removed...WINNING!!! I made the hexies, hand stitched them together and then did a raw edge applique design with my sewing machine, then backed and framed it in a 14" hoop.
Shells' 2014 Girl Kringle

I received these gorgeous oven mits from shell, I LOVE retro! She patchworked them and included some sashiko stitching.  So pretty!
My 2014 Girl Kringle from Shell

This year other gifts made were: a felt lap top computer bag, a terrarium and crocheted doily, cooks apron and head scarf, a teddy bear shaped wheat bag. Looking forward to 2015...better get planning...Suze x


Show and Tell said...

Gorgeous gifts for a gorgeous bunch of girls. I love seeing your creations each year Suze xx

Susan said...

What a fantastic idea. And your I am not a huge fan of arty quilting, but your hexies in the hoop are stunning. The little fox and rabbit....divine. Lucky sister.

Chookyblue...... said...

love the girly gifts.........great idea......wished I had that in my family but sadly no..........